Marcela Lucatelli at The Wire

“SPOR’s programme takes risks that balance any wackiness with a good deal of thought.” - Emily Bick reviews this year’s SPOR Festival and the two presented pieces by Marcela Lucatelli.


Bethany Younge writes about Marcela Lucatelli

Departing from her own experience as a performer of Marcela Lucatelli’s compositions, the composer-performer Bethany Younge reflects about Lucatelli’s deeply collaborative working method, looking into the ways it uses a combination of improvisation and composition to challenge the old sonic economy.


Marcela Lucatelli receives Carl Nielsen's Talent Award

Each year the The Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen’s Foundation grants the largest honorary awards in Denmark to Danish artists. Each year the foundation gives out talent awards to young musicians, composers and sculptors, and this year the composer Marcela Lucatelli was one of them.


Marcela Lucatelli at SPOR Festival's 15th anniversary

SPOR festival has had a great impact on Denmark's role in the international music industry, setting its mark on the Danish scene for new music and sound art. Marcela Lucatelli talks about her experience of performing at the festival.


Marcela Lucatelli at OS

The Copenhagen based non-profit magazine OS, curated by Kresten Osgood and Anders Holst, interviews diverse artists from the local scene on how and what do they practice.


The Lake visits Marcela Lucatelli

The Lake radio visits the composer and vocalist at Kongegården, in Korsør. They talk about composition and improvisation, and then put together five long cables and take a microphone to the grand piano at Kongegården's concert hall.


Marcela Lucatelli at NRK's Spillerum

Christian Meaas Svendsen from All Ears festival presents a collection of improvised music, highlighting artists from this year’s program.


PHEW! at BBC 3's Late Junction

Max Reinhardt serves a track from PHEW! on air together with and an enthusiastic invitation for Bastard Assignments + Marcela Lucatelli.


“It's almost like I can feel the whole world”

The composer James Black goes climbing and interviews Marcela Lucatelli. Her powerful onstage presence suggests a connection to something with very deep roots.


The Golden Days at DR P2

The Golden Days - DR Vokal Ensemblet's radio version and interview, hosted by Tina Rømer.

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The Golden Days and DR VokalEnsemblet 

Article on the concert premiere and creative collaboration for The Golden Days, a piece composed for and performed by DRVokalEnsemblet at PULSAR Festival 2018.


PHEW! at The Wire

Marcela Lucatelli’s PHEW! - The Last Guide for a Western Obituary ft. at The Wire magazine on a latin-american compilation of recommended releases by the peruvian label Buh Records.


A-MIG presents Marcela Lucatelli

The composer presents a wide, personally curated overview of her albums and other featured compilations, in this podcast by the Brazilian collective A-MIG.


“I just do what I believe I have to“

Marcela Lucatelli is interviewed by the greek sonic enthusiast George Miskedakis and gives some straight-up answers for the idealiser of ‘‘homo sonus’’.


Marcela Lucatelli at Curatorium

Can the story about a piece of art, become the piece of art? - and can the story about an event constitute the reality of the event itself? These questions are the subject of the imaginary sound-art festival Curatorium – a non-event by sonic artist Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard celebrated on an annual basis.


Curandeihits at Linda

Collaborative article from an ensemble's perspective on the performativity of Marcela Lucatelli's early ensemble works, at their Brazilian premiere in São Paulo.

Interview for Filhas do Fogo

Interview about the composer's creative process, hosted by Amanda Cavalcanti.

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XXXPM:LYS(T) at Randomia

Brazilian online publication for experimental poetics by poet and digital artist Tazio Zambi releases two videos from Marcela Lucatelli’s XXXPM: LYS(T) at Nikolaj Kunsthal, in Copenhagen.